Stingray Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner Online special plus 10 hoses Price $140.00

Recommended Retail Price $515.45
Direct to you $127.27 inc GST ($121.62 )

The Stingray automatic pool cleaner makes pool cleaning easy on you - and easy on your pocket. With few moving parts the Stingray offers excellent reliability and superior performance.

Our Company manufactures the Stingray. Due to the fact that we are providing this product direct to our customers and not via a Store, we have produced these units in plain white boxes to reduce the cost to the end user - YOU. This means you are not paying additional for fancy packaging on the boxes and helping the environment. Please be aware that the box it is supplied in, will be plain white.  Direct from the factory to You.

Our price direct from the factory to you $140 -(Previously sold in Pool stores for $567) You save big! This is a online special. We have containers on the way and need to clear existing stock. 

 Full local support and spares.



Includes 10 Section's of hose and all attachments

Cleans virtually any pool surface

Simple to install and operate

Manufactured to last

Quiet and efficient

Adjustable length, modular hose system

Improved jamming resistance

Better debris flow

Fast moving

3 year warranty on body, 1 year warranty on working parts